About Indices.fi

Crypto indices is new and immature market and we believe there is huge capital inflow behind in the future years. We have done extensive research on the current investment indices enviroment and found out few shortcomings which resulted in building indices.fi.

We want to provide investment platform alongside with education.



Graduated in economics and fell in love with investing and web3. After few years trading and investing on traditional markets, he went all in into crypto.


Project/product manager, investor and owner of web2 websites. Last few years he start to dig in to a crypto, defi and web3. Now there is a first web to help people or newcomers in defi space - indices.fi.


Freelance web developer since the age of 15. As a fullstack developer, he has built complex information systems. For the past year, he has been focusing predominantly on blockchain app development where he combines his web app development skills with blockchain integrations and smart contract development.


UX/UI Designer with 20+ years of experience, currently focused on web3 applications. Interested in crypto since 2017, early adopter, DeFi degen and active supporter of Czech Ethereum community Gwei.cz


After 8 years of web development, including project of all sizes from landing pages to online casinos and bitcoin exchanges got bored of traditional web2 projects and now is fully in Web3.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide investment platform with education materials leading to right investment decisions.

How do I get my project listed on indices.fi?

Do you manage a portfolio with your own token? Let us know about you, just fill in the form. We will take a look at your project as soon as possible.

I want to help you

Do you like what we are doing? Do you want to join and help? Awesome! We are more than happy to welcome new contributors at anytime. Join our discord and let us know. Our project is open for everyone.